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Prayer Requests

Prayer for Understanding & Strength

over a year ago by A sister Pray for me
ASA, I ask for prayer, that I strengthen my faith, and return to the way Allah has intended for me.

Crisis overload and in the dumps

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
AslaamAlayKum ,Asking the communities urgent and collective prayers . Facing very possible homelessness on top of having many other responsibilities that i cannot manage alone. I am greatly confused about the safest ethical ,religious and moral decision for myself.

mak dua for us inshallah...

over a year ago by hajiabdul-haqq & ladyhajr Pray for me
ASA In March of 2000 my thn zowj of 14 years sent me 2 hajj. Were she a man she surely would've gone herself, as my condition at tht tx was not favorable. We divorced for 8 years and remarried 2 years ago. It is my niyyat to tak her this season. Pls mak dua for us tht Allah (ta ala) mak this journey easy for us, ameen.

In need of extra help

over a year ago by Your brother in Islam Pray for me
As salamu alaykum, please do dua for me that Allah strengthens me in Islam, Iman, and Ihsan and keeps me firm on the straight path. May Allah bless you with the same. Ameen

Husband's Parole Hearing

over a year ago by Zulaykha Abdur Rasheed Pray for me
Insha Allah my husband will be going before the California Parole Board in Feb. 2012. Please remember him in your prayers asking Mercy be upon him. He has served 21 years this Nov. May Allah Bless you.